The company Termit Mining Solutions develops and offers solutions for enterprise-level mining and solutions for private investors. We build farms and data centers for a budget from 10 million rubles and above on the basis of our own developments, and with the use of solutions from market leaders. We purchase, test, plug in and configure systems, advise on the existing infrastructure and provide service, warranty and post-warranty service.

In data-center development professional industrial telemetry — remote monitoring of all systems: the results of mining, temperatures, speeds, audio and video surveillance — is used.

To build prefabricated data mining centers, we use specialized materials that take up to 20% of the heat from the equipment. Data centers are equipped with a specially designed and developed cooling system for mining, the server solutions, a modular data center scaling system, unique water cooling systems and renewable energy (mini-HPP) are used.

The entire complex of design, construction and commissioning works is carried out by the wholly owned subsidiary Whiteants System Integrator and general partner company Technopark V.