WhiteAnts Group is a multinational company with offices in Russia, China, Taiwan, Switzerland. We carry out transactions in Russian and foreign jurisdictions.

WhiteAnts Group is a research blockchain-lab, R&D center for software and hardware mining solutions. We are engaged in financial analytics, trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, we render services in international legal business consulting in the field of cryptocurrency.

Among us there are experienced developers, specialists in software, hardware, network technologies, payment systems, marketers and designers, scientists and researchers.

We offer advanced technologies of market leaders and own developments for cryptocurrency mining.

We develop enterprise-class solutions for professionals, corporate and private investors. We provide after-sales service, warranty repair, we support and accompany the client.

We are building the world's first prefabricated blockchain data-center, which is a masterpiece of engineering thought - Icelandic mines will envy its energy efficiency.

We are preparing to bring decentralization technologies to the lives of ordinary users and unite the world's blockchain community!